Tis’ the Season

A few days ago, I went away from recipes and travel and shared some pretty deep thoughts and feelings. Today, I want to share someone else’s blog. If you aren’t familiar with BBB, no not the Better Business Bureau, stinkers, but Beauty Beyond Bones, I encourage you to read her blog(s). She’s a Christian blogger, in her 10th year of recovery from anorexia. I relate to her blogs so much, and am really encouraged by what she has to say about a lot of issues today. Or issues she’s dealing with. This post, in particualr, kind of goes along with my last post. And it also doesn’t. The holidays can be a very difficult time for some people, especially when it comes to food. Being in my 9th year of recovery, I feel like I am in a good place when it comes to the food this time of year. But I also remember, looking down at my plate on Thanksgiving, 9 years ago, feeling so overwhelmed, and not knowing how I was going to eat the food on it and praying my family “got the memo” on what to say and not to say to me about food that holiday season. So, I wanted to share this blog post with you. Maybe you don’t share in this struggle, which is awesome, or maybe you do, or know someone who is. Her tips for getting through this season, strong and on track, are very wise and loving. Use them. Share them. Or pray for someone you know who is hurting when it comes to food, body image, confidence, depression, or lonliness this season. These issues are closer to home than we think. Thanks for the read 🙂

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Well, here we are. November 2. We’ve officially entered…the Holiday Season. I swear, the Trick or Treaters hadn’t even left the driveway before the first Christmas commercial came on TV. What’s the heck?! Eager much?? But anyways. If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that for someone in EDrecovery, navigating Thanksgiving and Christmas, and […]

via Recovery Tips for Surviving the Holiday Season — BeautyBeyondBones

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